Also known as the Omnibox, the Google Chrome address bar offers a lot of useful features destined to make our lives easier while surfing the internet. Perhaps you already know that if you type 150*200 to the address bar you’ll get the result immediately; however, if you don’t and besides that, you’re not familiar with this, we’d like to share with you some interesting “hacks” we’ve been testing these days.

chrome calculator


Just by typing directly to the address bar, you can get conversions for units from different measure systems. We added some pics of what we did so you could take a look yourself and give a try:

100 yards = meters – to convert yards to meters

chrome distance converter

33 c = f – to convert celsius to fahrenheit

chrome temperature converter

350usd to gbp – to convert US Dollars to Great Britain Pounds

chrome money conversion

For every operation, chrome added a list button in case we needed to convert to another unit from the same measure system.

Starting a new search or getting the meaning of a word

Whenever you want to start a new search for a specific word there is no need to follow the usual Copy/Paste steps, just highlight the word of interest and then drag/drop it to the address bar (this also works for sentences). Now, to get the meaning of a word just type “define”, then the word you need a definition for and hit the enter key.

chrome define word

Improvise as a notepad and file explorer

Yes, you can use your Chrome browser as an improvised notepad, just type on the address bar data:text/html, <html contenteditable> and it’ll open a blank note ready for you:

chrome notepadWe also used as a file explorer, with command C:/Program Files the browser showed all files within this folder and it was posible to check all content inside folders. We also discovered that we may send begin to send an e-mail message from here, with command mailto: it launched our default mail client ready for us.



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