My parents had the not-so-old Windows 8.1 installed on their PC and to be honest they had some trouble trying to get used to it. For the past couple of months, almost everyone around me was upgrading to Windows 10 and most of the people were saying it felt better than its predecessor and, in addition, the acquisition was for free.


So, we decided to start the process visiting the Windows-10-upgrade Microsoft page and then went for it without any doubt. To begin, it asked to whether upgrade from a previous Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 version or buy a new PC (in case you don’t have one), we chose the first option because that was our case. After that, we run the installer and then clicked on Upgrade Now.


During the installation process, we got constant info about the update: more security features, starts faster, start button was brought back mixed with the quick access screen from Windows 8, built-in apps for Photos, Music and Maps and the Microsoft Edge browser that I’ll love to check myself later.


After this, it downloaded the update, which was around 3GB size and then followed a simple OK-Next-OK sequence to finish the installation. In the end, the process was actually easy to follow, so I can say you are safe to go ahead and upgrade if you feel it’s the right time or you are just bored with your older version. Later we’ll add a post to compare the Windows versions we just mentioned before.


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