Productivity is one of the most important factors we must consider in our world today, where the amount of information we have access to is immensely large. It’s really convenient to control what we do and how we manage our information so it becomes better organized and easy to access for us. We want to describe 5 tools or apps we believe you should not miss carrying on any of your devices.

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Genius Scan

Genius Scan is available for Android and iOS. It allows, as its name suggests, to scan any kind of document and create a new JPEG or PDF format file. It gives the option to store the new file in a long list of alternatives including DropBox, Google Drive, Box, iCloud, etc. You may choose instead to share it by e-mail.

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A big thing about this app compared to many others is that it uses a very neat and advanced detection system through the use of your smartphone camera. This can be easily checked immediately after scanning a document, you will see that it automatically cuts the picture to make the important data fit, leaving only the content of the page with the relevant information. You will notice that it’s quite accurate. Likewise, if you don’t feel satisfied enough, you can adjust the margins yourself by just touching the edges, using a very intuitive system.

Another nice feature is the ability to change from color-based to white and black printing. The app is available for free; however, there is also a paid version named Genius Scan + that provides a greater list of interesting features.


This tool is currently one of the most used and popular today. For those who are not familiar with it, Dropbox allows you to create a folder or directory in the cloud, where you can store any files you want. The way it works is quite simple: if you decide to install the app on your PC, a special folder will be created, accessible as one of the OS folder shortcuts. All the files you store in that folder will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

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If you install the Dropbox app on your smartphone and tablet, all the files stored in the cloud will be synchronized with your device. This ensures that you’ll always have your most important information available to you no matter where you are.

The free version of DropBox gives you initially 2 GB of storage though there are many ways to increase it if you invite friends to use the app over a link, or if you buy a paid package version.


This is perhaps the killer app to store your personal notes. It’s designed to work by a notebooks system in order to organize all your information very neat. It is currently available for almost all mobile platforms, including a desktop version for PC of course.

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This tool achieves to store all documents, tips, links, notes and anything else you want to remember because you’ll find it useful afterward. Evernote gives the option to later search and find anything you keep quickly and easily. You may save documents in different formats and it will also automatically synchronize the information across all your personal devices.


This app is ideal for those who follow and read news from their favorite websites daily. Flipboard is a digital magazine where you can have all the sites you follow in one place. Its design is quite innovative and reading articles is, in fact, nice, elegant and comfortable. As a user, you can create your own personal magazine, where you can collect all posts to read later or just share them with the world. If you are the owner of a website or blog, it’s highly advisable to create your own magazine in Flipboard to share its content.

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This App is available for all platforms, including PC where you can get it at the Microsoft Store. In addition, there are several plugins for web browser integration so you could get a post and “flip it” directly to your magazine.


We think it’s inevitable to have confidential information on the devices we use every day. Information such as photos, documents, cards, among other things, is stored on our mobile devices without any protection. For that reason, we recommend using KeepSafe.

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This tool allows you to keep safe photos, cards, IDs, documents and private data. All your information is protected by a PIN that is assigned when the app is installed. Anyone who attempts to open the app needs to know the PIN code to access the information and thus your most sensitive data will be secured. The free version of KeepSafe permits to save only 50 files, however, the premium version can store up to 5000 files.


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