Developing an enterprise app is a big challenge since it must be scalable, distributed and business-critical. As a developer, you will never be able to guess which mobile device it will be installed on. It has to be attractive, interactive, user-friendly and secure, else users will reject it. It must be ready to handle a huge set of specifications and millions of conflicting features. Rest of the things which also matter are cost-effectiveness, ease of development and post development maintenance. RAD tools are essential to the business given that they bring the chance to create apps containing these features.

For all the people who time is critical and have high expectation jobs, Appcelerator is the tool that comes to the rescue. It is an open source platform, recently acquired by Axway, for creating native apps for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Mobile Web and Windows used by developers having knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Titanium Studio, Android SDK and Xcode for Mac.

appcelerator titanium rad tool

App development involves designing UI and implementing a needed usability/functionality. You cannot trade off on one aspect to strengthen the other, for example, a visually attractive app with crude functionality is of no use, also, a plain looking app with outstanding services will repel the users since it will not create any visual attraction.

You need a balanced mix between appeal and operation. Titanium handles this conflict by separating the two tasks, maintaining a perfect harmony by its MVC (Modal View Controller) framework. MVC has two levels: User View and Developer View. The User View is meant for user interactivity, in the end, it’s actually an XML file with the component objects of the UI and a Titanium Style Sheet with all the styling information.

mobile app development

The Developer View works with a model, controller and functionality to be coded in JavaScript. As roles are separated, designer and user experience analysts have their space to focus on the “looks” of the app, while developers can focus on coding the functionality without the need to care about appearance. Appcelerator is an open source software, it works splendidly with iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Mobile Web and Windows. It’s thus rated as an outstanding RAD tool for enterprise apps development.


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