Flipboard has become one of the most interesting applications to read the latest news published on our favorite social media networks and web portals. For people who are involved in the blogs and online news world, this is an engaging alternative to promote their websites and so obtain more followers, readers and, in addition, potential new and returning visitors.

flipboard website on pc

We would like to show you an easy way to get into the digital magazines environment and besides create one in order to flip all the posts and articles on your website:

1. Create a new account to join Flipboard

Visit Flipboard and sign up for a new account. You will only need to insert your full name, email address and, of course, a password. There’s also the chance to register using your Facebook account or via email.

flipboard sign up

It is also possible to sign in using Twitter or Google+ to join the app and have access to your content from these social media services.

2. Create a new magazine

When the sign-up/in process is complete, you need to go to the upper right and get to your profile. Next click on the New Magazine button, you’ll get a new window where you are to define a title and a short description for the magazine. Finally, you may choose to whether make it public or private.

create new magazine flipboard

3. Download the Flipboard app for your PC or mobile phone

This is optional, but we do recommend it because it’s easier to work on your magazines using apps instead of a browser. You can get it from the Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon and Microsoft Store (only works for Windows 8 and Windows 10).

flipboard apple store

4. Add new content and edit your magazine or others

Your magazine is ready now, however, there is no content at all. You now have to manually add some new entries, although there are many ways we will teach you one that fits very well:
– Inside Flipboard use the search tool to locate the WordPress feed function URL of your website by typing http://<websiteURL>/feed/. You will get all the posts on your website.

headsem feed news
– Note that there’s a plus sign (+) next to each article, if you click on one of them you’ll get a new window that allows you to flip the article to one or more of your magazines. Choose the right one and then click on Add.

headsem feed news flipboard

– Repeat the previous step for all the articles you want to add to your magazine.
– Come back to your profile, get into your magazine and check for the new posts to be there.

5. Use add-ons or extensions for browsers

We’ve tested an extension called Flip it that enables to add posts to Flipboard magazines quickly and easily, it’s available for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Finally, do not forget to follow our Headsem magazine and help us by clicking on flip, share and like the content you find of value.


  1. […] This app is ideal for those who follow and read news from their favorite websites daily. Flipboard is a digital magazine where you can have all the sites you follow in one place. Its design is quite innovative and reading articles is, in fact, nice, elegant and comfortable. As a user, you can create your own personal magazine, where you can collect all posts to read later or just share them with the world. If you are the owner of a website or blog, it’s highly advisable to create your own magazine in Flipboard to share its content. […]

  2. Flipboard only launched its Android app recently. The app allows users to browse through their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ streams, as well as Google Reader feeds in a beautiful flipping manner. It also consolidates and curates a stream of important stories for those who are too busy to go through everything. As a blogger, using this app and browsing through interesting news content daily will give you fresh ideas on what to write about in your next blog post.

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