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How to Hack a Phone Easily

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You have probably heard about phones being hacked, but you don’t know how. People use different methods to achieve that, and it brings in different results. Some are fulfilling while others prompt you to find other ways to get more information.

If you have the right advice, then hacking a phone should never be rocket science. That’s why you need to read this guide and see how to hack a target phone using reliable methods.

In case you are wondering, there are no coding skills needed here. You just need to know about the phone you want to hack and the information provided below.

Once you grasp everything, which is easy, nothing else will stop you from accessing that phone that seems unreachable.

Part 1: How To Hack A Phone By Using Spyic

If you thought that cell phones are secure, then it’s time you recognized the presence of powerful hacking tools. Spyic (one of them) is a leading global solution that can help you access information from a target phone remotely.

Once acquired, it will get you all the data you need in real-time. That means seeing everything from the calls made to what’s hidden in the third party social apps. It works in both Android and iOS – the reason why millions of users rely on it in 190+ countries.

Another thing that makes it popular is that you don’t need to root/jailbreak the targeted phone. Therefore, before you can secretly monitor the cell phone, you are guaranteed that the phone is safe.

Regardless of whether you are hacking an Android or iOS device, you can access the information remotely using any browser. So, there is no need to download the app on your phone to view the data.

While on the web, the dashboard is user-friendly in such a way that it’s easy to locate all the features. No wonder big outlets such as Forbes, CNET, Tech Radar, and New York Times, among others recognize Spyic.

1.1 What Makes Spyic The Best Hacking Tool?

The features in Spyic can answer that question. After setting it up on the targeted device, you can access, but not limited to the following features:

  • Calls: That includes incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You also get to see the contact details of those involved and the time when the calls were made.
  • Contacts: You get to see all the saved contacts on the phone.
  • Messages: You can access all the SMS sent and received on the phone, which also includes the deleted ones. In Apple devices, you can also access the iMessages. They also include the contact details of the participants and the timestamps.
  • GPS location: This feature allows you to access the exact phone location. It also assists in showing you all the visited places. In location tracking, you can also get alerts from Geofence feature when the target visits restricted areas.
  • Media files access: You can access photos from the photos feature while getting the videos is via the video preview feature.
  • Internet history analysis: You can access all the visited websites by just looking at the browser history.
  • Social media hacking: In Android, you can access a plethora of social apps from FB to hidden ones like Kik and Snapchat. In iOS, you can only access WhatsApp and LINE messages.
  • Calendar: It’s where you can peep through the saved events and marked dates.
  • Applications: This feature allows you to see all the installed apps.
  • SIM Card info: You can see which SIM the target is using. You can also know when they change by getting alerts via your email.
  • Keylogger: This feature is on the Android side. It records all the keystrokes made on the phone and stores the reports in log files. It becomes handy if you want to access the passwords typed on the phone.

With such features, you can access everything stored in the targeted phone, not to mention the activities happening on it. Now, let’s see how you can use Spyic to hack someone’s phone.

1.2 How To Hack Someone’s Phone Using By Using Spyic

Since it can be used in Android and iOS, I’ll share the details on how to go about it on both platforms.

It’s easy to hack into any Android phone or tablet with OS version 4.0 and above. It’s safe to do it in the sense that there is no rooting required even for third-party social apps. The cutting edge technologies used by Spyic do not need rooting permission.

Not many applications have such a capability. Now, before you start hacking, you’ll need the following:

  • The target phone (or tablet) that you want to hack
  • Reliable internet connection
  • The device should have Android version 4.0 and above

Once you attain all of the above, continue with the procedure below.

How to hack a phone by using Spyic

  • Go to Spyic website and sign up for free.
  • In the next step, choose the Android icon to continue. 
  • Select the pricing plan that suits your hacking needs and wait for the confirmation email.
  • Once the email arrives, it will contain your receipt information, the download link, and your sign up details which you will use to log in later.
  • Now, install Spyic on the phone you want to hack using the download link from the email. If you had used the target phone to sign up and receive the email, that’s much better. You will not need to send the link to the phone.
  • After installation, the app’s icon disappears (by selecting stealth mode) and the download link too.
  • Now, use another device to log in to your Spyic account via the browser. Wait for it to sync with the phone before accessing the dashboard.
  • On the left part of the panel, you will see the features I have mentioned above and more.
  • Click on each to access what you need to see since all the information will now be available in a secure cloud location. Spyic will keep on updating on new things happening on the phone remotely. It does not matter where the phone is. 

Why Trust the Spyic Android Version

  • It will only take you less than 5 minutes to install.
  • It operates in hidden (stealth) mode, so the target phone user will not know that you are hacking their phone
  • You need less than 2MB memory space
  • Spyic does not drain the battery while in use
  • You can uninstall it remotely via the control panel
  • No rooting required before installation

Hacking an iOS Phone Using Spyic

In the Apple side, it gets more comfortable to use Spyic. You don’t need to download anything here. If you have the iCloud information, you don’t require even to access the phone. It also fetches all the information you need without a jailbreak. 

To make it possible for you to hack the phone, you need the following:

  • The iCloud credentials
  • Reliable internet connection
  • The iPhone should have iOS version 7.0 and above

Once you have the above ready, proceed to the steps below to start hacking.


  • Sign up with Spyic for free.
  • After that, select the iOS/Apple icon to proceed.
  • Select the preferred plan and go ahead to check the confirmation email.
  • Once you see it, it will have the payment details and your Spyic registration details.
  • Go back to your account. You may have to log in with the credentials used during the signup.
  • Fill in the iCloud details of the phone you want to hack. If the user has more than one device, select the one you want to hack and continue.
  • Wait for the account to synchronize with the cloud before accessing the dashboard.
  • Once the panel becomes available, you will see all the collected information starting with the calls, location, messages, and phone location.
  • For more information about what’s in store, click the features on the left to access it.

Why Trust the Spyic iOS Version?

  • You don’t need to download anything.
  • You can view the data using any browser on any device.
  • No jailbreak required to access the iCloud information.
  • You also don’t need to access the phone if you have the iCloud details.

Part 2: How To Hack Someone’s Phone With Just Their Number

If you don’t want to use a hacking app to access a targeted phone, you can go the number way. It’s, however, harder to so this if you are a novice. The good thing is that as technology advances, there is room for manipulation. 

That is why you can take advantage of the SS7 calling protocol. It basically connects two communication networks. The technology was developed in the 20th century, but people have made it vulnerable as the year’s progress. 

How it works is somehow complicated. The communication is established via hundreds of links which make the phone on the other side to ring. If one of the links is unsafe, you can use it to hack the phone.

For you to hack the phone, you will need a computer with Linux OS, and an SS7 SDK. Once you have that, it will be easy to track any device you want to. You should, however, know it’s not allowed.


There are various reasons why you would want to know how to hack someone’s phone. Remember that hacking is illegal if it’s unauthorized. You can use hacking tools like Spyic to check on your kids, employees, or your spouse.

Using it for fun is prohibited, and you are liable to answer to the law if caught. If possible, especially with people like employees, it’s essential to inform them first before going ahead.

Best Snipping Tool Alternatives

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Snipping is an essential activity when it comes to the task of creating reports, building tutorials, highlighting or editing portions of images or simply capturing the screenshot for pasting output. Snipping tool facilitates in capturing a screenshot or snipping images of your screen. These snipped images can be elaborated with annotation and saved for later use. Here I suggest you these alternatives to Snipping Tool.


This is an Open Source tool designed for Windows by Jens Klingen, Thomas Braun, Robin Krom. This is an optimally coded screenshot tool shipped with OCR capability and requires small memory. Greenshot allows to save complete or a part of the screen to a file in several image formats, save with an Internet-picture-storage and construct a URL for easy access over the web. The snipped screen section can be exported to Microsoft Office applications. The captured image can be elaborated with text and other shapes.

screenshot software technology app
Source http://getgreenshot.org/screenshots/


This Open Source snapshot tool on Linux by Shutter Project is a highly versatile tool with appealing features. Any kind of screenshot – a window, whole screen, a website – can be captured and highlighted right there from the tool’s interface. Shutter also provides support to upload the snipped and edited image on your hosting sites.

software screenshot app tecnologia
Source http://shutter-project.org/preview/screenshots/

FastStone Capture

A window based tool by FastStone Soft is a robust, minimally coded and proficient snipping tool.  It allows capturing and commenting on the screen along with windows, objects, menus, regions and scrolling pages. FastStone Capture has Photoshop like features like eyedropper for color selection, an on-screen ruler, a magnify glass, and pixel level cropping using arrow keys to perform quality editing of images.

screenshot tecnology software app
Source http://www.faststone.org/FSCaptureDetail.htm


Window based Freeware by Wiziple, this is an expert tool for web designers, graphic professionals and hobbyists. PicPick provides a convenient interface to perform easy maneuvering on your images.  It has a robust capture tool, an image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard and many more options.

screenshot technology software app
Source http://ngwin.com/picpick


An outstanding tool by Techsmith works equally well on Mac and Windows. It offers features like  capture, edit, organize and share. Computer screen capturing was never this easy and further decoration with transparency, callouts, and other effects makes graphics editing tasks too easy to handle. Snagit also helps in organizing snapshots and pictures to be utilized in multiple assignments.

screenshot software app technology
Source https://www.techsmith.com/snagit.html


This Mac or Windows Tool by Tec smith lets user capture an image or video on a computer screen and upload it anywhere –  Internet or  PC.  Jing creates a URL for captured videos which can be shared for view or posting. The image tools shipped along can be used to add comments, change effects of existing text, or annotate the shot saved.

screenshot app software technology
Source https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html

Of course there are plenty other apps out there that may offer similar features, we are free to test them as soon as they meet our expectations. We do also recommend the well-known Camtasia Studio y Lightshot. Finally, our friends from CloudWards.net also wrote a very helpful review on some of the best screen recording software that you may find of use.

How to convert your PDF files


PDF Converter Ultimate is one of the newest and most highly regarded mobile app converters. It has been released just a few weeks ago by Cometdocs, a well known and trusted mobile app development company. Here is a short guide on how to use this handy mobile app in order to convert and edit PDF files:

Step 1: Download the app

PDF Converter Ultimate is available on both major platforms. If you are an iOS user, head out to the AppStore to find and download the app, same goes for Android users, you can find the app on Google Playstore as well!

Step 2: Open PDF Converter Ultimate

Once the download is finished you should have it saved on your device. Click on the app logo and once the app opens you will be looking at the main screen.

converter app store

Step 3: Log into your cloud services

Once you are in the main screen, you will be offered with 6 different ways to importing your PDFs. If you tap on Phone the app will show you how to import a file. If you want to import the file from one of the offered cloud services, tap the one you have your files stored in. Connect the account to the app by typing in your username and password.

files online app

Step 4: Select the file you want converted

Once you have logged into your desired cloud service, the app will show you a list of PDFs that are available for that account. The oldest dating PDFs will be on the bottom of the list with the newest ones being on the top of it. Select the file by tapping once on it.

Step 5: Select output format

Once you select which file you want to convert, the app will show you a preview of that file. Click on Convert To and a small drop down menu will appear. From that menu you will get to choose which output format you want to convert your file into.

app converter software

Step 6: Wait for the file to be converted

The file should be converted in a few moments after you select the output format. Depending on the complexity and size of the PDF, conversion time sometimes might take a bit longer than 2-3 minutes, however most regular files get converted within the first minute.

app converter

The app will automatically return you to the main screen once the file is sent for conversion. All files are converted on the Cometdocs servers, which means you need internet connection at all times. All files that you previously converted will be listed on the main screen.

As you can see from the image above, the files being converted appear on top of the list, as the older ones go down by each conversion. You can differentiate types of files and know which format they are converted into by looking at the small image to the left of the file name, as well as their format.

Try it out and share your opinion

PDF Converter Ultimate is free to download on both iOS and Android. Make sure you give this app a try and feel free to rate it and comment on the app store as well. By doing so you are actively contributing to the process of making the app and informing their developers of the features you like or disliked!

Drawing apps for our tablet or iPad

ipad pen coffee

Nowadays there are lots of apps meant for our electronic devices that are capable of achieving different purposes, better yet if they are simple and practical to be used at any moment. Today we are going to focus on three apps commonly used by designers or people who love to draw. This time, instead of using the traditional graphics tablet, we will use our Android Tablet or iPad.

ipad drawing desk


This is an excellent choice to make digital our drawings in real time and store them in our Mac. It offers connectivity via Wi-Fi or USB, and it’s highly compatible with pressure-sensitive pens. Some disadvantages: it’s a bit expensive (USD $9.99) and due to the fact that it is only available to iOS, you must have both iPad and Mac. Download Astropad from the App Store.

Bamboo Paper

This tool offers a different approach, it lets you sketch your ideas as if we were using simple pen and paper. We may customise the size and the effects of the paint brush, share our work with social media and upload it to Dropbox. Bamboo Paper is available for free on Android and iOS.

Air Stylus

A little bit older than others, it is compatible with Photoshop and Pixelmator or other software using pressure sensitive pens. What makes this app special is the fact that we have to use a Galaxy Note device wireless connected as a drawing surface to our Mac. Air Stylus is currently available on Google Play Store.
tablet sketch color ipad
We hope you give it try, we definitely enjoyed testing these amazing apps and never thought we wasted our time. If you’re a designer or some who loves to draw, please let us know your impressions.

Top 5 Cloud Apps for Small and Medium Businesses

business enterpreneur cloud

The conventional method of on-premise IT hardware to support your business is a passé, cloud computing has transformed the way SMEs run their process today. Nowadays, there is an infinite list of cloud apps available in the market, these can be integrated into your existing management software very easily.

These SaaS (Software as a Service) tools bring lots of benefits like automatic backups, automatic updates, improved collaboration and cost-effective subscription plans. Here are some of the recommended cloud apps that you may find useful depending upon the business type and needs.

cloud apps sees


Security of data is one of the major concerns for any scale of business. Mozypro provides an online backup tool which enables you to schedule backups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can run the backup of servers, workstations and even virtual machines, and in the case of data-loss, one-touch recovery helps you get your data back in no time. With the newly launched feature of MozySync, you can save the data to a sync folder from any device, including mobile devices, to get the data synced across all of them.

Salesforce1 Mobile app

It is one of the top mobile CRM application that lets you manage your daily tasks while you’re on the move. You can share the decisions made and important files with your team with an inbuilt collaboration feature. From a smartphone, you can handle the contacts and leads to speed up sales decisions and close crucial deals.


QuickBooks is a cloud based accounting service that helps you with all the accounting and HR needs. With online payroll, more than 60 types of accounting reports and banking integration let you make fast accounting decisions anywhere based on information you may access from any PC, Laptop or mobile phone.

Insight Squared Analytics

Data analytics is considered one of the strategic tools to achieve sales targets. Insight Squared Analytics provides detailed effective reports on finances and marketing which helps you work on weak areas and make decisions to quickly improve your business.


All the notes, files or images can be stored on the cloud-based Evernote application. Although it’s being used by a lot of people for personal purposes, collaboration between employees that belong to a company is available too since you may create small projects where everyone can share notes and thoughts. The search tool with OCR facility helps you find everything based on text keywords. The app is compatible with smartphones and is fully secured with SSL/TSL.

Google Project Fi – everything you need to know

google project fi

Connectivity is an obvious demand for people who expect to be fulfilled everywhere. Whether you are travelling on the subway, watching a movie, enjoying a long weekend with friends, shopping in an upmarket mall or attending a seminar, good connectivity is what you are always looking for. Despite having expensive devices and omnipresent internet connections, we often face common issues like getting call drops, disturbance while in them and slow download rates. Google acknowledges these issues and introduces Project-Fi, giving us a hope of reliable communications everywhere, emerging as a trustworthy provider.

google logo project fi

What is the Google Project-Fi?

Similar to their Nexus Project, Google has introduced this novice and convenient method for wireless communication. Project-Fi claims to get support from leading carriers, hardware makers, and wireless users to bring in a fresh wave of wireless connections.

The key idea behind this project is to design this new solution across hardware infrastructure and software. In this project, Sprint and T-Mobile, two major mobile networks in the U.S. are providing their know-how, hardware infrastructure and services in launching Project-Fi. It also includes all the users in possession of highly advanced smartphones. The key areas are:

high speed connectivity google fi

High-quality connection

The first thing provided is a Wi-Fi hotspot or any 4G LTE network in the surroundings. This technology is intelligent enough to detect the fastest and reliable connection among all those available at the moment.  It includes more than a million free, open Wi-Fi hotspots with very high speed and trustworthy secured with encryption.

Communication across networks and devices

The connectivity problems should  simply vanish. Users moving across different areas will hardly perceive the transition as it’ll be smooth, they won’t miss even a single bit of the communication, leaving behind call drops and slow download rates.

Refund and service experience

Convenient Service Experience

Project-Fi makes it flexible and affordable for users to pay only for what they use. In the US and abroad (more than 120 countries), users have to shell out $USD20 a month for a basic plan with voice, text messages, Wi-Fi tethering, and international coverage. As data usage is usually unpredictable, users are refunded with the full value of unused data. For example, if someone uses 1,4GB out of a 3GB plan in a month, he will get around $USD16 back.

As the number of mobile users grows exponentially day by day, reliable and efficient connectivity must match the demand rate. Google is trying to offer, as usual, the best solution. Let’s hope for the success of this high-end project.

Develop RAD apps with Appcelerator

Developing an enterprise app is a big challenge since it must be scalable, distributed and business-critical. As a developer, you will never be able to guess which mobile device it will be installed on. It has to be attractive, interactive, user-friendly and secure, else users will reject it. It must be ready to handle a huge set of specifications and millions of conflicting features. Rest of the things which also matter are cost-effectiveness, ease of development and post development maintenance. RAD tools are essential to the business given that they bring the chance to create apps containing these features.

For all the people who time is critical and have high expectation jobs, Appcelerator is the tool that comes to the rescue. It is an open source platform, recently acquired by Axway, for creating native apps for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Mobile Web and Windows used by developers having knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Titanium Studio, Android SDK and Xcode for Mac.

appcelerator titanium rad tool

App development involves designing UI and implementing a needed usability/functionality. You cannot trade off on one aspect to strengthen the other, for example, a visually attractive app with crude functionality is of no use, also, a plain looking app with outstanding services will repel the users since it will not create any visual attraction.

You need a balanced mix between appeal and operation. Titanium handles this conflict by separating the two tasks, maintaining a perfect harmony by its MVC (Modal View Controller) framework. MVC has two levels: User View and Developer View. The User View is meant for user interactivity, in the end, it’s actually an XML file with the component objects of the UI and a Titanium Style Sheet with all the styling information.

mobile app development

The Developer View works with a model, controller and functionality to be coded in JavaScript. As roles are separated, designer and user experience analysts have their space to focus on the “looks” of the app, while developers can focus on coding the functionality without the need to care about appearance. Appcelerator is an open source software, it works splendidly with iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Mobile Web and Windows. It’s thus rated as an outstanding RAD tool for enterprise apps development.

Choose an antivirus software for your SmartPhone

antivirus software smartphone

Every one of us is fully aware of the importance of the information stored in our own technological devices, no matter if it’s a PC, a tablet, and/or smartphone. We need to do our best in order to keep it safe because out there a lot of people with bad intentions want to steal it, modify it,  or simply gain access to it. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to be well prepared and have the proper tools at hand to prevent these threats, one of the main ones is to choose a good antivirus software for your device. We got plenty of different options, so you may choose one depending on what you think is best for you. We now present recommended antivirus software for you to compare:

smartphone virus

AVG Antivirus

This software gives you the ability to find your phone using Google Maps, analyze files and apps in real-time, manage data and memory consumption, enhance battery life and much more. AVG Antivirus is a security giant, already known for its PC version, why not give it a chance to provide the security you need for your smartphone. Download it from the Play Store.

Mobile Security & Antivirus Avast

Another one of the most popular antivirus software for PC also decided to venture into the world of smartphones. This giant of the security industry offers the regular antivirus and antimalware capabilities, however, there are also functions like the call blocker, network monitoring, backups and an anti-theft system. It’s important to say that Avast Mobile comes with a very nice user interface. Download it from the Play Store and App Store.

McAfee Mobile Security

This is definitely an old friend and also a high-quality antivirus software, McAfee Mobile Security offers basic protection against viruses, worms, trojans and almost any kind of malware and it also provides anti-theft tools. If you want it, you can have 2GB of cloud storage in exchange for a low monthly cost. Download it from the Play Store, App Store and Amazon Store.

malware mobile phone

If you are one of those people who navigates the web taking big risks, it’s possible that your smartphone may be in danger, especially if you download apps or content from places different to the authorized stores. Therefore, we strongly recommend downloading an anti-virus software because your information could be compromised.

Free PDF to Excel converter

In the past, the struggle with file extensions was real for me, I mean, if I had a word file and wished to have it as a jpg file?, it was almost an impossible dream to fulfill. A few years later I looked for websites that promised to convert them for me, but I always found low reputation or malware-infected sites.

software app online tool

However, a couple of weeks ago I found this neat and clean site, it’s actually defined as an online document management system, Cometdocs has served its customers since 2009, it offers different apps and services, starting with online file conversion up to document sharing, storage and online transfers. All transactions are secure and private, it includes all your personal information, files, data and documents.

For example, I tested this amazing app to convert PDF tables into an Excel spreadsheet, first thing was to find a suitable test file in PDF format, as soon as I opened it in my smartphone I was asked to choose an app to do so, I selected the PDF to Excel app.

app software converterNext I was asked whether I wanted to have it converted now (upgrade costs USD 5,99) or in an hour (free), I chose the second option and waited around 40 minutes, less than what the app predicted.

converter app online tool

Finally I got a notification reporting me of the results. I opened the app and then successfully confirmed the conversion was perfectly made. I had also the option to either share or delete the file.

app software online toolSome other features available on PDF to Excel are:

  • Nice conversion quality
  • File size is unlimited
  • It didn’t drain my battery
  • It converts gmail attachments and files from Dropbox, Box and OneDrive

online tools internet
Source: http://www.cometdocs.com/ccn

PDF to Excel is available for your iOS device, it can be an used on your iPad or iPhone. Cometdocs offers many other useful tools for you to test and share. All of them can be used either for free or paid depending on the features you might need to unlock.

Some facts on driverless cars

google driverless car

The vision of self-driven cars started way back in 1939 at a New York World Exhibition where automated highways were visualized. The dream came true in 2009 when Google started working on a driverless car project. Google tested its first driverless Toyota Prius car in California. Initially, it was tested on freeways, but later the driverless cars were tested in complex road conditions successfully. The first prototype was constructed and run in 2014 without any hassles.

What led to self-driving cars

The self-driving car program was started by Google to help people with any sort of health conditions like poor vision, epilepsy and for those who lack the confidence when driving. Self-driving cars will help you not lose your independence and take the ride with just a push of a button. More than 90% of accidents on roads happen due to human errors. The driver-less cars will be safer and secure to commutate.

self-driving car google

How driverless vehicles work

Instead of steering wheel and pedals, a driver-free car is equipped with software and sensors. The prototype is programmed with inbuilt maps and software, which controls the movement of a vehicle after sensing its position and the objects around it. The powerful sensors can sense other vehicles or objects as far as 200 meters in all directions. The reprogrammed software lets the vehicle detect the object according to its shape and size. It is able to differentiate between a cyclist or a pedestrian and adjust the speed according to the situation.

how google self-driving cars work

Power source

The Google driverless car is battery operated, which can be electrically charged easily. As per the latest filings in FCC hints that Google is trying to induce wireless charging into these cars, too. With the facility of wireless charging, cars can get charged while you work in at the office and the possibility of public wireless pads is also being considered.