Everyone is familiar with selfies these days: we love to take them at parties, at home, in class, traveling, sometimes to capture good memories, sometimes just for fun. This week, Instagram launched another standalone application called Boomerang so users can create 1-second loops that are repeated back and forth for a few seconds creating a mini video.

Boomerang for Instagram

Within the description of the app, I found some interesting lines that captured my attention:

“Find something or someone that’s moving”, “create a video selfie“, “take mini videos using the front and back facing camera”.

Boomerang stunt

I was so curious, so I downloaded and tested it myself and these are the actual steps I followed:
– Open the app.
– Choose between your back and frontal cameras (something that’s moving is always a good choice).
– Tap the white circle button on the screen when you’re ready. It will take 10 photos and then stitch them all together.
– Share on Facebook or Instagram.
– Save it to your camera roll.
– That’s it! You should immediately see your artistic creation.

We would like to share with you how it looks like, here’s a demonstration video taken from the official Instagram Blog article:

There is no need to sign up or create an account, as soon as you open the app you are ready to go. Boomerang has been released for iOS and Android as well. Other standalone apps provided before by Instagram are Hyperlapse, which is used to create time lapse videos, and Layout, which is basically meant for making collages.


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