Before proceeding, we recommend reading our post on how to check the system information of my PC by following some procedures that come along with the Windows operative system. Now, this is a different way to get that system information, this time, using a set of different online tools from a very useful website known as System Requirements Lab website, where you may:

  1. Review details on your computer
  2. See trending video games
  3. Check if your computer can run a specific video game
  4. Rank your PC.

Review complete details on your computer

In order to get the system information, properties or main features of your PC or laptop, you must then visit My Computer Details. Here you’ll find a blue button named View Computer Details, just after you click it, it will download a software named Detection.exe. Afterward, you’ll notice that now all your computer details appear instead of the initial blue button.

hardware detection computer pc laptop

You will see three tabs, one is meant for Basic information (a short summary of the processor, video cards, memory and OS version), the second one shows Standard Information (same as the previous one, but more offering more details) and the last one is for Advanced (adds technical details and information).computer details online

Trending video games

In order to have a list of trending games and check whether your PC gathers the minimum or recommended requirements, you must go to the Game Lists link. There you’ll see three columns, the first one has the name and cover image of some trending games, and the second and third ones shows if you meet any of the requirements.

trending games online

Check if your computer can run a specific game

This is one of the cool things about this website, over the same homepage there’s a link called Can Your RUN It? When you access the page, there’s a drop-down menu or a search box so you could type the name of the exact game of your choice and check if your PC meets the requirements. For example, let’s type “Tom Clancy’s The Division” and let’s find out what happens.

can your pc run a game

Well, it looks in my case I won’t be able to run the game since I need to upgrade some of my components. A cool thing is that the tool tells me exactly what I need to do in order to reach my goal and have fun with the game.

Rank your PC

Finally, there’s a link called Rank My Computer, you’ll get a full report of how well the components of your computer are ranked compared to others in existence; they are divided into three categories: processor, graphics, and OS.


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