Nowadays there are lots of apps meant for our electronic devices that are capable of achieving different purposes, better yet if they are simple and practical to be used at any moment. Today we are going to focus on three apps commonly used by designers or people who love to draw. This time, instead of using the traditional graphics tablet, we will use our Android Tablet or iPad.

ipad drawing desk


This is an excellent choice to make digital our drawings in real time and store them in our Mac. It offers connectivity via Wi-Fi or USB, and it’s highly compatible with pressure-sensitive pens. Some disadvantages: it’s a bit expensive (USD $9.99) and due to the fact that it is only available to iOS, you must have both iPad and Mac. Download Astropad from the App Store.

Bamboo Paper

This tool offers a different approach, it lets you sketch your ideas as if we were using simple pen and paper. We may customise the size and the effects of the paint brush, share our work with social media and upload it to Dropbox. Bamboo Paper is available for free on Android and iOS.

Air Stylus

A little bit older than others, it is compatible with Photoshop and Pixelmator or other software using pressure sensitive pens. What makes this app special is the fact that we have to use a Galaxy Note device wireless connected as a drawing surface to our Mac. Air Stylus is currently available on Google Play Store.
tablet sketch color ipad
We hope you give it try, we definitely enjoyed testing these amazing apps and never thought we wasted our time. If you’re a designer or some who loves to draw, please let us know your impressions.



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