The battery life of Apple devices generally lasts more than those of Android counterparts. Yet, there are certain simple tricks that, if employed, can further increase the battery life of your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Please also review our post Should I replace the Smartphone battery for more valuable advice. Let us find ourselves some interesting simple tips as we read along.

apple ipad charge battery

Turn off Notifications and App Refreshing

There are lots of apps that keep on refreshing all the time and update themselves whenever new updates are available. This whole process keeps a toll on the battery. To keep an eye on background refreshing: go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, there you will see a list of installed applications. You can either disable all the background apps at once or disable particular apps one by one.

iOS background app refreshing

You can also turn off the notifications in a similar way by navigating to Settings > Notifications and then turn off all or a few of them.

Turn off Push Services

Whenever you update the calendar, emails or contacts on one device, it is pushed automatically to all your Apple devices. Therefore, this push process consumes a lot of battery. If you are using your iPad more for gaming or fun purposes, it’s better to turn off push services. To do so, open Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and then turn off the Push option. You may choose manually to refresh your data whenever you need to do so.

Apple push services

Turn off Bluetooth and Mobile Data

Bluetooth is used only when transferring files to other devices, turning it off through control center can enhance battery life a lot. Similarly, turning the mobile data always on is no good sense. Turn it off to also save battery life.

Turn off Location Services

Most of the apps like Dropbox, Chrome, Facebook or the Smartphone Camera ask for your location. Location services, which eat up the battery very quickly, can be turned off by going to Settings > Privacy and turning off Location Services. Another option is to disable it for some specific apps. Note: If you choose to disable this for all apps, the only way to recover your personalized Location Services settings needs the device to be restored using Apple Lost Mode.

Apple location services

Turn off Automatic Brightness

When you stop working on your iPad, the display turns off after some time, unlike other Apple devices. Brightness can be manually lowered by turning off the Automatic Brightness option and making the adjustments manually. To do so, you have to look for Display & Brightness inside Settings or alternatively, you can adjust the brightness slider bar in the Control Center.

Apple display and brightness

We hope these hints are useful for you, you may also check this nice post on how You Can Boost Your Phone’s Battery Life! Please share with us more tips or tricks you are aware of and consequently apply to increase the battery life of your Apple devices . Do not forget to always try to update to the latest software version available, avoid extreme temperatures and enable Low Poder Mode feature, recently added in iOS 11. More info can be found on Apple’s official website.


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