In the past, the struggle with file extensions was real for me, I mean, if I had a word file and wished to have it as a jpg file?, it was almost an impossible dream to fulfill. A few years later I looked for websites that promised to convert them for me, but I always found low reputation or malware-infected sites.

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However, a couple of weeks ago I found this neat and clean site, it’s actually defined as an online document management system, Cometdocs has served its customers since 2009, it offers different apps and services, starting with online file conversion up to document sharing, storage and online transfers. All transactions are secure and private, it includes all your personal information, files, data and documents.

For example, I tested this amazing app to convert PDF tables into an Excel spreadsheet, first thing was to find a suitable test file in PDF format, as soon as I opened it in my smartphone I was asked to choose an app to do so, I selected the PDF to Excel app.

app software converterNext I was asked whether I wanted to have it converted now (upgrade costs USD 5,99) or in an hour (free), I chose the second option and waited around 40 minutes, less than what the app predicted.

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Finally I got a notification reporting me of the results. I opened the app and then successfully confirmed the conversion was perfectly made. I had also the option to either share or delete the file.

app software online toolSome other features available on PDF to Excel are:

  • Nice conversion quality
  • File size is unlimited
  • It didn’t drain my battery
  • It converts gmail attachments and files from Dropbox, Box and OneDrive
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PDF to Excel is available for your iOS device, it can be an used on your iPad or iPhone. Cometdocs offers many other useful tools for you to test and share. All of them can be used either for free or paid depending on the features you might need to unlock.


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