PDF Converter Ultimate is one of the newest and most highly regarded mobile app converters. It has been released just a few weeks ago by Cometdocs, a well known and trusted mobile app development company. Here is a short guide on how to use this handy mobile app in order to convert and edit PDF files:

Step 1: Download the app

PDF Converter Ultimate is available on both major platforms. If you are an iOS user, head out to the AppStore to find and download the app, same goes for Android users, you can find the app on Google Playstore as well!

Step 2: Open PDF Converter Ultimate

Once the download is finished you should have it saved on your device. Click on the app logo and once the app opens you will be looking at the main screen.

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Step 3: Log into your cloud services

Once you are in the main screen, you will be offered with 6 different ways to importing your PDFs. If you tap on Phone the app will show you how to import a file. If you want to import the file from one of the offered cloud services, tap the one you have your files stored in. Connect the account to the app by typing in your username and password.

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Step 4: Select the file you want converted

Once you have logged into your desired cloud service, the app will show you a list of PDFs that are available for that account. The oldest dating PDFs will be on the bottom of the list with the newest ones being on the top of it. Select the file by tapping once on it.

Step 5: Select output format

Once you select which file you want to convert, the app will show you a preview of that file. Click on Convert To and a small drop down menu will appear. From that menu you will get to choose which output format you want to convert your file into.

app converter software

Step 6: Wait for the file to be converted

The file should be converted in a few moments after you select the output format. Depending on the complexity and size of the PDF, conversion time sometimes might take a bit longer than 2-3 minutes, however most regular files get converted within the first minute.

app converter

The app will automatically return you to the main screen once the file is sent for conversion. All files are converted on the Cometdocs servers, which means you need internet connection at all times. All files that you previously converted will be listed on the main screen.

As you can see from the image above, the files being converted appear on top of the list, as the older ones go down by each conversion. You can differentiate types of files and know which format they are converted into by looking at the small image to the left of the file name, as well as their format.

Try it out and share your opinion

PDF Converter Ultimate is free to download on both iOS and Android. Make sure you give this app a try and feel free to rate it and comment on the app store as well. By doing so you are actively contributing to the process of making the app and informing their developers of the features you like or disliked!


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