Windows 10 comes with many new features and notifications for the comfort of users. However, along with a very user-friendly interface, comes annoying speed issues. If you have experienced a slow performance for Windows 10 in the past, then the following tips and tricks might help you boost the speed of your PC or laptop.

Turn Off Notifications

Just like the different OS available for smartphones, Windows 10 brings a notification center to let you be informed of new updates, security messages or new e-mails. Therefore, Windows resources get busy while checking all the apps for new instances of notifications. Not only does the notification center get crowded, it also drains the battery of devices like your laptop very 10 notifications actions

The best way to preserve the performance of the OS is to either disable or limit the number of notifications. To do so, you have to go to Start > Settings, find System and finally click on Notifications and Actions.

Disable Startup Programs

Do you know that there might be many programs that are running in the background and take the toll on Windows resources making it slow? There is no point losing hope since you can control which programs you want to run in the background. To open Task Manager, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc or just type Task Manager on the Search Windows button. Then open the Startup tab so you can see many apps that start along with the OS. You can disable some of all of them carefully. If you want to know the functionality of a specific app, right-click on it and open the file location to get an idea. Also, take a look at the Startup impact to make your choice. Next time Windows starts you should experience a difference in speed since many unnecessary apps are not running now.

task manager startup windows

Turn off automatic color background

In Windows 10, every time you open a new frame, the interface tries to automatically adjust the color from background wallpaper, this whole process increases the CPU utilization and it makes the system slower. To increase the speed of the system, go to Start > Settings and then select Personalization. Up next, click on Colors, and switch OFF the option called “Automatically pick an accent color from my background“.

background color windows 10

Try the quick tips we just described and you should have a faster experience when using Windows 10. Although some effects are disabled, there should be an important enhancement regarding performance.


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