If you have ever shopped online, then you must be aware of products appearing automatically when you reach the end of the page or you may sometimes feel that the content of a page is giving you a 3D impression while scrolling. These are some of the new trends for scrolling in websites. Here we give a short description:

Parallax Scrolling

Background images move slower than the content in the foreground offering a kind of a 3D experience, though it’s a 2D scene, to the visitor. This web design technique can be applied through 4 different methods: layer, sprite, repeating pattern and raster. Parallax Scrolling is, in simple words, a single web page design method. You may find a cool example here.

parallax scrolling web design

Infinite Scroll

This is a technique that pre-fetches content from the next pages on your site and consequently appends it to the currently active page, making it as if you were scrolling to “infinity and beyond”. In other words, Infinite Scroll prevents the browser scroll bar from reaching the bottom of the page.

infinite scrolling web design

Making a choice between infinite or parallax scrolling is an important decision and must be based on web design needs or SEO demand. As a site owner, you have to take these into account to position your web portal.

  • SEO is a website wide concept of liberally scattering keywords in meta title, meta description, data markups and H1 headers of multiple pages to rank them higher in Search Engine results. Parallax/Infinite scrolling design websites carry only one meta title, one meta description, one set of structured data markups and one H1 headline. Keyword frequency is less frequent so it has lesser chances for the site to be ranked high in comparison to websites of multiple pages. Therefore, the PageRank of a site designed with Parallax/Infinite scrolling has a negative impact.

seo optimization web design

  • Parallax/Infinite scrolling based websites use a good amount of animations, videos and images – all heavy stuff. They have a substantial page load time that can be sometimes frustrating for your visitors. Search Engines count the speed factor when it comes to the ranking calculations, ending in another major disadvantage.

heavy load web design

Parallax-Scrolling design or Infinite Scroll design, at this stage, do not make such a compatible team with SEO. If you’re very interested in positioning your website among search engines to have the maximum visitor count, then SEO optimization cannot be ignored.  Now, if you just want to amaze your customers or if the positioning of your page is not a big deal… these two techniques have proven to be astounding.


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