No matter how much money you earn, keeping track of your personal expenses is crucial in order to maintain solid personal finances. That way you’ll be able to spend, save and invest your money with more safety.

save moneyAmong many apps you can find for your iOS or Android device, Pocket Expense is a nice software tool to achieve this. Just the free version lets you categorize your transactions, set budgets, analyze charts and follow up on your expenses and income within different periods of time.

Cashflow in Pocket Expense

You can also set a password so no one could take a glimpse on this sensitive info.
Some of the categories you may use to give you and idea:
– Childcare
– Clothing
– Credit Card Payment
– Dining
– Entertainment
– Health and Fitness
– Education
– Travel

Categories in Pocket Expense

If you are interested in avoiding constant ads and do want more features, the Pro-version is just USD 4,99. Pocket Expense is available for both Apple Store and Google Play Stores.


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