Technology proves every day that we won’t get enough surprises that will shock us all. For example, Projection Mapping or 3D mapping is a technology used to turn objects like buildings, entire streets, monuments or irregularly shaped structures into a display surface where videos, animations are projected.

projection mapping 3D objects

SkullMapping is a creative group from Belgium that develops incredible projection mappings, holograms and Virtual Reality experiences. Within their projects, we found an amazing proposal for those people who are waiting for their meal in a restaurant. Basically, they use the dining table as a display surface where they play short animations so you won’t get bored while waiting.

projection mapping restaurant table
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Here’s a video where you’ll see this little chef who appears right on your table and prepares a delicious soup using your plate and adding some ingredients he caught from the sea. We’re so sure you’re going to enjoy this since the animation is full of funny situations.

Please share with us more projection mapping experiences or videos that have blown your mind. We’ve found this last one pretty awesome for a startup project and we hope to find much more within a few months.


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