Today we have at hand lots of applications in order to learn new languages, however, Duolingo is one of the newest, most innovative and definitely one of the hottest at the moment. There is a high chance you’re already familiar with this easy-going app.

Duolingo dashboard

While the application encourages you to keep up the good work, it’s very easy to follow up on your progress, learn lots of daily useful vocabulary (animals, food, phrases, clothing, etc), practice on weak units, improve your grammar, pronunciation and orthography. All of this free of ads which were a really annoying thing in the past with other apps meant to learn new languages.

Duolingo progress

Something cool about this platform is that it invites users to translate content to different languages and they vote for the best translations. This content is provided by organizations that pay Duolingo for this job to be done. This is actually the way the company earns money and makes its ad-free policy a real thing.

Duolingo translations

Feel free to explore and taste a bit of some of the languages you can learn using the application. You may visit their official website online or download the app for Android or iOS. Some other well-known apps to learn languages are Busuu, Open English, Babbel and Rosetta Stone.

This year the company has launched an interesting project called Duolingo for Schools and it has been tested in some latin countries as Guatemala and Costa Rica providing teachers with dashboards to track the progress of all students.


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