The new Google mobile operating system, better known as Android 6.0 Marshmallow, is finally upon us since the final quarter of 2015. At first, it comes pre-installed on devices like the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, although many other manufacturers are trying to catch up, given that many of their phones are still uncertain to be compatible.

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This post is intended to describe what we’ve found about Marshmallow compared to previous versions. Let’s start talking about appearance, at first, Android Marshmallow is not very different from Android Lollipop. Its design has proven little improvement, nevertheless, the app drawer shows now a solid white colour and it has incorporated new icons, including shortcuts. The widgets keep their format, but they are now sorted by app and use.

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  • Google Now on Tap: This is perhaps one of the biggest new features in Marshmallow, it enhances notifications and reminders, it makes easier to access Google’s virtual assistant. Long-pressing the home button activates it, offering results we wanted from Google Search to present as people, places or things within information we’re reading or reviewing.
  • Enhanced battery life: Android Marshmallow comes with Doze, an intelligent battery management improvement that recognizes when the device is not being used. In addition, it brings optimization for devices with USB-C in order to charge our smartphone faster and even among another one at the same time.
  • Fingerprint scanner: this feature will increase security, we’re going to be able to lock our smartphones and apps, too. New Nexus devices are sure to have this, and Android Pay will have benefits for sure from this.
  • 4k mode: we’ll have the chance to use our device with apps that require 4K resolution.
  • Automatic app backup: we can now restore our Smartphone getting back all our apps, data, call logs, text messages, settings… exactly the way we just left them. Compared to previous Android versions, Marshmallow offers a solid app and data backup solution.

android-marshmallow advantages


  • Design: as mentioned before, the design doesn’t bring major visual changes, we have almost the same appearance as in Android Lollipop.
  • Compatibility: Marshmallow will be exclusive by now only for high-end devices and some that will be launched to the market during 2016.
  • RAM consumption: this OS boosts high-end devices, hence, many manufacturers and users with mid-range and low-end devices might be a little disappointed.


If you wish to know whether your phone is suitable for the update, follow this link. Android Marshmallow tries to make some Google services easier to use than before and it comes with a couple of advanced new features. We can say it’s a bit of an extension of the main features, functionality and appearance of Android Lollipop.


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