Microsoft has introduced many new features like collaboration, data analytics and sharing tools to craft the Office 2016 suite and make it more robust than before. Let us straightway have a look at these new and useful features.

Share button

Word, Excel and PowerPoint all have now a share button and an option to save files to the cloud, you may also collaborate with other to edit a file. When you choose the option to “Save to Cloud”, you can upload it to either OneDrive or the Office 365 SharePoint.


For all the suite, if a file is uploaded to the cloud, multiple users can simultaneously work together on that file. They can see the changes in real-time, including cursor position and others. This is exactly the same feature offered by Google Docs.

analysis and forecast tools office 2016

New Analysis and forecast tools in Excel

Excel is now powered with a new add-on called Power Query through which data can be pulled from various databases like SQL, Access or Azure for detailed analysis. You may now import, transform, and automate your data processes, this comes embedded with new charts:

  • Tree charts
  • Waterfall charts
  • Sunburst charts
  • Pareto charts
  • Box and Whisker charts.

Integration and collaboration in Outlook

With the new Outlook 2016, there is no need to look and search for files in folders since it automatically shows you the list of recently used files and folders for sending them as attachments. For enhanced collaboration among people, workgroups can be created and files, calendars or dialogues can be either shared individually or in a group.

Tell Me Box

Tell me box works like your smart secretary, you just have to type your query in the box and it will automatically suggest you the most appropriate commands to complete the task. All the commands it carries are object-oriented.


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