Sometimes we really need to find a way to express an idea, present a new product or service, communicate some news or try to transmit a message to your colleagues, customers, or students. Besides that, we always wonder ¿how to present it in a very creative and impressive way?.

media marketing presentations

Inside this post, we’re going to describe two amazing online tools that will let us make animated presentations and videos so we could express quickly, easily and innovatively basically any message. You’ll be able to transmit your ideas in just a few minutes and without big effort.


Powtoon has become very popular, its main focus is to create animations and videos through a very intuitive process where you choose a template from a specific topic: Marketing, Sales, Training, Education, Leisure, etc. Also, there’s a panel where you may select different objects, animations and transitions (here some tutorials from the official website). In order to use Powtoon, you can register by logging in using your social media account from Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin.

Powtoon is available on three different packages for customers: Free, Pro and Business. The free version is still great though it doesn’t have a lot of templates and options for edition. In addition, all your creations will have a watermark with the Powtoon logo.


This tool is very similar to Powtoon. You must sign up either using new credentials or by logging in to Google+. Just after that, you’ll get a list of categories or templates to start to edit your video. Some of these categories are Business, Travel, Health, Cars, Pets, etc. Then you just have to choose a name and add a short description so you could start making your creation.

Inside the app, you’ll get the feeling you’re like using PowerPoint since the editor is a bit alike with slides, edition option at the top and play/stop buttons at the bottom. Actually, we think you might find this online tool a little more intuitive than Powtoon. Just like the other, RawShorts also offers different paid/free packages.

Both online tools have their own blogs: Powtoon Blog, RawShorts blog. There you’ll find several posts, advice and tutorials so you could become a real master of using these editors and create amazing videos or animations.


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