All people want to share pictures on social networks, we can tell for sure that right now photography is living an overwhelming moment around the technology environment. The giant social network Facebook, trying to avoid being overshadowed by other competitors, launched a new and very useful feature known as Photo Magic.

This new function comes along with Messenger and it pursues to achieve a very specific goal regarding Facebook users: the ability to share pictures and also use a face detection system to label those contacts who appear in it, in order to share and tag those pictures with them quickly and easily. This is something that will surely come in handy for many people since you won’t have to spend so much time tagging your friends and sending them content.

facebook messenger mobile phone

This facial recognition technology, this new feature called Photo Magic, is offered essentially to all Android and iOS users. In order to enable it, you may search and find it in your Facebook app settings, or be invited by others to use it (you’ll get a pop-up window). Afterwards, every time you take a picture together with your friends, the app will recognize the ones that are already contacts on Facebook and then it will send a message to each one of them informing there’s a photo and that you’re sharing it.

Nowadays it’s becoming heavier to compete against social networks like Snapchat and Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg believes this feature will represent an important breakthrough for Facebook and Messenger since Photo Magic seeks to persuade its users to remain synchronized and more in touch with each other.


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