Jetpack is one of the best and most complete WordPress Plugins we’ve found, it offers easy and fast integration of your website or blog with Google+ and many other larger social networks in order to automatically publicize your posts and articles to each one of them as soon as you want to make them public.

jetpack plugin for wordpress

How to do it quickly:

First you need to download and install the Jetpack plugin. Once activated, the plugin will ask you to connect to your account. In case you don’t have one already, you may click here to create a new one. After that, you will see all features that come along Jetpack within the admin panel. There, under the Traffic Growth column, you’ll locate a section called Publicize.

jetpack for wordpress plugin features

Open it and then you’ll get a short description on what this feature does. Besides that, two options:

  • Deactivate: it simply disables the Jetpack plugin.
  • Configure: it’s the actual option we need to proceed with the task.

publish your wordpress posts to facebook and google plus

Up next, you’ll get the actual control panel with all social networks that can be integrated. You may connect your posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+ and Path. The actual steps are the same for each social network, you must click on the Connect button located to the right and then follow a standard login procedure.

connect social networks jetpack plugin

As soon as you’re done with the process with Google+ and other social networks, you should see something like this:

connect facebook and google plus to wordpress

From now on, all you need to do is to write and publish your articles in WordPress and they will automatically become visible to all your followers on your social networks. Do not forget to leave your comments regarding any questions or concerns about this tutorial.


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