On-Premise CRM or Online CRM? Well, the first one is the clear-cut winner of the two these days. With neck to neck competition among your business and its competitors, closing deals in quick time and streamlining is possible now with cloud-based services. Let’s read along the 5 major reasons you should move to online Customer Relationship Management if you haven’t done so.

Centralized platform for Customer

The biggest advantage of online CRM is the dashboard that lets your customer get the real-time view of the business status. Getting reports, of sales forecast or financial reports, is easy. Different people can place their data at a centralized place which enhances the collaboration and in turn, the productivity of the businesses.

Lowers the costs of infrastructure

Pay for the services you use! The cost of online CRM depends on the features you choose and truly need to use. There are no hardware costs. All the infrastructure and its maintenance are provided by service providers, effectively lowering down the costs of infrastructure.

lower costs of infrastructure

Mobile Usage

Cloud CRM can be used anywhere and by anybody. The solution can be accessed from mobile phones or laptops while you’re outside on the field and sales people can update any important data instantly, the only thing you required is a data connection.

mobile usage CRM

Customizable Solution

A business is always dynamic and with time, as it grows, workflow also changes. An A+ point about cloud-based CRM is that new features can be easily added and existing ones can be customized depending on your needs. The scope and scalability of CRM have made it a powerful tool for a growing business.

Inbuilt Backup Utility

Do you want your senior IT people to be busy in day to day backups or want to utilize them to work for some more meaningful and responsible tasks? With most of the available online CRM solutions, backup and recovery tools are inbuilt and there is no need to waste your resources and time in these security related tasks.

inbuilt backup cloud

Tired of dealing with an old, on-premise CRM solution? Why not moving to a cloud-based solution where someone else does the dirty job for you so you can focus on creating added value to your customers?


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