Starcraft 2 is a popular Real-Time Strategy (RTS) fictional video game created by the American developer company known as Blizzard Entertainment, also responsible for the creation of different well-known franchises like the Diablo and World of Warcraft series. The game story takes place around 3 races: Terran, Zerg and Protoss fighting each other for the dominance of a distant sector of a galaxy. All races have unique units and structures that may work for different styles of play and strategies.


Once a year, Blizzard hosts one of the main events in e-sports industry: The World Championship Series (WCS) Finals. Here, the top 16 Starcraft 2 players compete against each other in a single-elimination bracket for major cash prizes and the title of world champion. As usual, almost all players who made it to the event come from South Korea, a country where the game goes beyond professional levels.


WCS finals might be seen through different platforms:

  • Live on the video social media platform Twitch, the biggest online community for gamers. Just look at the WCS Global Finals channel inside the website. The app is also available for Android and iOS.
  • The official WCS Starcraft channel on Youtube. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to see the matches in real time.


The last games of the finals are schedule for November 6 and 7 in Anaheim, California at BlizzCon, the most important video game convention of Blizzard where they also make announcements on new games, previews, show matches and the promising performance of the iconic rock band Linkin Park this year.


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