There are basically two chips that get heated up inside the laptop. One of the chips is the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and the other chip is meant for graphics. All laptops are designed to cool these chips by installing heat sinks and fans in the cabinet. The grooves are provided at the base of the cabinet for the inlet of fresh air and another vent is provided for the outflow of hot air. Manufacturers also use heat sink compounds on the CPU since it is heat resistant and prevents the excessive heating of CPU.

laptop chip overheating

Laptops can sometimes start behaving sluggishly and might shut down due to overheating. The main reason of overheating is the clogging of vents and fans due to dust, it blocks the outflow of hot air from the inside and increases the heat within the cabinet. This heat also dries the heat sink solution which further overheats the laptops. By following some of these steps, you can prevent your laptop from overheating:


The most common mistake when using a laptop is blocking the air vents, the way we keep it on cushions or some soft material. It is recommended to place some uneven thing below the laptop  to keep the base clear of any obstruction. You can use any household thing to do so, in case there’s no laptop docking station, an egg tray is such an object, and otherwise you can buy cooling mats from the market to cool the laptops.

Regular cleaning

Dust is the main cause of blocking the air vents. The vents should be cleaned either with a soft brush or a handy vacuum cleaner.

brush laptop cleaning

Standby mode

If you have to turn on the laptop for the whole day, always switch it to standby mode when you are not using it. It will give some rest to the CPU and therefore, produce less heat inside the cabinet.

Power save mode

Some PC settings also help you in controlling the temperature of a PC or laptop. For Windows users, access the battery options, then go to Power Options and select Power Save Mode. This will ensure brightness is controlled automatically and also that temperature is constantly being checked.


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