A few years ago we were used to surfing the internet only from our laptop or PC, however, the remarkable enhancements we’ve had lately have offered us the chance to also use a browser installed on our own smartphone. Google Play store offers a lot of them and we wanted to share what we’ve learned and seen so far from them.

Firefox Browser

Mozilla created this nonprofit browser, we are so familiar with the desktop version, but now it’s the time to try out the mobile one. It synchronizes content across different devices and its interface seems so smooth and neat. It’s highly compatible with many games on the internet, it has its own online shop in order to download different add-ons and many more features. Try and Download Firefox Browser.

firefox browser for android os

Google Chrome

Today it’s known to be the big player among browsers with a lot of users worldwide, it’s so easy to sync it with many other apps especially the ones owned by Google. It’s been enhanced to provide better access, save data, safe and private surfing and become so easy to use. Take also a look at a lot of amazing things you may do with it in our post Chrome Address Bar Hacks. Try and Download Google Chrome.

chrome browser logo

Opera Browser

This browser was created in Norway a few years ago, it’s been well known for its simplicity and speed. It was one of the first to offer the Speed Dial feature and customization to search engines. There is also the chance to get and install extensions. Try and Download Opera Browser.opera_logo_full-color_red

Dolphin Browser

It may be a bit unknown within the PC word, however, this browser has become so popular among Android users since a few years now. It provides so good access, fast page loading speed, simple functions in order to get to your favorite sites just by using gestures, sync content across different devices, Adobe Flash player and also a nice shop to get add-ons. Try and Download Dolphin.Dolphin-main-logo

CM Browser

Last but not least, we present this very lightweight browser, ideal for low and medium profile Android devices. It’s meant to protect users from malware while still giving quick speed. It also provides features like incognito mode and page pre-loading. Try and Download Cheetah Mobile Browser. There is also interesting solutions that might be suitable for you like Clean Master, CM Security and Battery Doctor.

cheetah mobile suite

The full list of functional, safe and fast browsers for Android doesn’t end here, feel free to keep looking and share with us your findings and suggestions.


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