The conventional method of on-premise IT hardware to support your business is a passé, cloud computing has transformed the way SMEs run their process today. Nowadays, there is an infinite list of cloud apps available in the market, these can be integrated into your existing management software very easily.

These SaaS (Software as a Service) tools bring lots of benefits like automatic backups, automatic updates, improved collaboration and cost-effective subscription plans. Here are some of the recommended cloud apps that you may find useful depending upon the business type and needs.

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Security of data is one of the major concerns for any scale of business. Mozypro provides an online backup tool which enables you to schedule backups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can run the backup of servers, workstations and even virtual machines, and in the case of data-loss, one-touch recovery helps you get your data back in no time. With the newly launched feature of MozySync, you can save the data to a sync folder from any device, including mobile devices, to get the data synced across all of them.

Salesforce1 Mobile app

It is one of the top mobile CRM application that lets you manage your daily tasks while you’re on the move. You can share the decisions made and important files with your team with an inbuilt collaboration feature. From a smartphone, you can handle the contacts and leads to speed up sales decisions and close crucial deals.


QuickBooks is a cloud based accounting service that helps you with all the accounting and HR needs. With online payroll, more than 60 types of accounting reports and banking integration let you make fast accounting decisions anywhere based on information you may access from any PC, Laptop or mobile phone.

Insight Squared Analytics

Data analytics is considered one of the strategic tools to achieve sales targets. Insight Squared Analytics provides detailed effective reports on finances and marketing which helps you work on weak areas and make decisions to quickly improve your business.


All the notes, files or images can be stored on the cloud-based Evernote application. Although it’s being used by a lot of people for personal purposes, collaboration between employees that belong to a company is available too since you may create small projects where everyone can share notes and thoughts. The search tool with OCR facility helps you find everything based on text keywords. The app is compatible with smartphones and is fully secured with SSL/TSL.


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